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News From the Paint Splotch – January

04th January 2018

Newsletter 01 – 180104


Occupational Therapy and Parents

07th February 2017

I’m sometimes asked if parents should participate in and be present for their child’s occupational therapy sessions.  While circumstances vary, parental involvement can be extremely beneficial for your child’s therapy journey. You may have a range of goals in mind for your child. Participating and being involved allows you to: Provide feedback

Smiling little boy plays with toy car

Pretend Play

16th January 2017

On the surface pretend play looks easy –a simple, distracting activity children engage with to pass the time. But did you know play is actually incredibly complex? Did you also know some children struggle with pretend play and this can contribute to difficult to manage behaviours? Pretend play begins when a child


Occupational Therapy and Mental Health

09th January 2017

I have lost track of the amount of times I have heard questions and statements like the following: ‘You accept Mental Health Care Plans? But aren’t you an Occupational Therapist?” ‘I didn’t realise Occupational Therapists worked in Mental Health’   Occupational therapists work in many areas and this can impact on people’s


Newly refurbished website

20th July 2016

  We’re excited to finally launched our newly refurblished website! One of the main features of our new site is the addition of online registration for our intake forms, making it much quicker and easier to process your information. There is also a teacher questionnaire form included – we’re embracing technology and