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Occupational Therapy and Parents

07th February 2017

I’m sometimes asked if parents should participate in and be present for their child’s occupational therapy sessions.  While circumstances vary, parental involvement can be extremely beneficial for your child’s therapy journey.

You may have a range of goals in mind for your child. Participating and being involved allows you to:

  • Provide feedback about how your little one is going – their achievements and any possible challenges they may face
  • Ask questions about why specific activities are being used and how they benefit your child
  • Support your child during parts of sessions that may be challenging for themdreamstime_xs_13333223
  • Delight in successes and achievements that occur during therapy
  • Gain insight and understanding about your child’s strengths, vulnerabilities, behaviours and what this may mean for their day to day life
  • Think about and discuss ways to implement home programs

If you have questions about participating in your child’s therapy sessions, please feel free to contact us today.