Services : Assessment

If your child has not had an assessment, it will be crucial to begin with an assessment so strengths and difficulties can be identified.

If your child has already had an assessment in the last eighteen months, there is no need to have further assessment. You can either continue treatment from where you left off with a previous practitioner or you can begin treatment from where another practitioner has conducted an assessment.

What happens during an assessment?
An assessment typically takes between one to two sessions, pending the identified concerns you wish to discuss. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, either in person or submitted through the forms tab on this website. Your child will be observed completing different activities to provide information on their strengths and difficulties.

Should both parents attend the assessment?
Head Start Children’s Therapy Services welcomes parent involvement as we actively seek to create a team approach.

What should I bring to an assessment?
• Copies of any Allied Health reports completed in the last twelve months
• Copies of any school reports completed in the last twelve months
• Samples of handwriting
• Specifically enjoyed games to play while parents talk with the therapist
• Reading glasses or hearing aids (if applicable)

Can I bring my other children?
Head Start Children’s Therapy Services is a child friendly environment and we are able to cater to siblings.

If you are concerned siblings might negatively impact attention, they are welcome to enjoy the child friendly waiting room until being asked to join in the session by the Occupational Therapist. Alternatively you may choose to find other care for the child’s siblings during the assessment, but bring them for treatment sessions.