Services : Groups

Head Start Children’s Therapy Services offers a range of small group programs for children of all ages to help them develop the skills they need to be a successful student, player, friend and family member.


Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Head Start Children’s Therapy Services frequently collaborates with other Central Queensland businesses to offer Multi-Disciplinary Group programs. We collaborate with locally owned businesses to ensure:

  • Group facilitators are Therapists with extensive clinical experience in supporting children.
  • Group facilitators are local to the area, ensuring continuity of services should you wish to engage with them at a later date.
  • Group facilitators are guided by common values.

What happens during a group program?

Group programs vary in frequency and the amount of sessions. This will be discussed with you prior to enrolling in the group sessions. Generally the following occurs:

  • You will be asked to arrive for the group fifteen minutes prior for relevant paperwork to be completed.
  • You and your child will be introduced to facilitators and shown the building and facilities.
  • Your child will participate in the group, with parents not required to stay.
  • Resource materials will be provided for your child, with accompanying parent workbooks provided.
  • If group sessions are longer than an hour, it is appreciated if a snack and water bottles can be provided.

Groups offered: Please see our calendar for group offerings