Services : Treatment Sessions

When should I attend treatment appointments?

The ideal time to attend Occupational Therapy sessions can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Urgency related to timelines (e.g kindergarten or school starting)
  • The need to travel to attend appointments
  • Your child’s capacity to concentrate across the day
  • School input about what lessons the child can miss to minimise the impact on their education
  • The need and timing of day naps
  • When parents/carers can attend the sessions


How often should I attend treatment appointments?

  • The frequency of appointments can be influenced by:
  • The degree of your child’s difficulties
  • The time you and your school have available to support the implementation of home programs.
  • The rate of progress your child is making
  • Your child’s motivation

It is often most beneficial to begin therapy more intensively to increase parental knowledge and empower the child to begin building their skills. As progress is made, appointments may be spaced out to allow the child to practice at home.

At Head Start Children’s Therapy Services we work closely with you to develop treatment plans that are sustainable in the longer term.

What can I expect in an appointment?

The specific activities completed during a treatment session vary, but are impacted by: the child’s age, skill level, progress, interests, attention levels and the goal of therapy.


  • Parents/carers are welcome in the session unless otherwise discussed.
  • Feedback is provided throughout and at the end of the session to ensure parents are aware of what tasks/activities were completed, what is recommended and why, and how to practice these at home.
  • Where appropriate, home program activities will be provided to the family. With your permission, these can be sent to schools, daycares and other organisations relevant to your child.